our buying process

how selling to us works

1: initial call with our team

During this call we will discover more about your property, your goals for the sale of the property, and any other pertinent information.

2: view property + initial offer

Colin will meet with you to look over the property, analyze repair/renovation costs, and get to know you more to determine what a fair offer is for the home. Within an hour or so Colin will be able to make an initial offer to you.

3: sign the contract

You and Colin will discuss all offer terms. We want to put together a contract that benefits everyone in the situation! When you’re happy, Colin will send it over for you to sign it.  

4: attorney fulfills title

We will handle all the necessary paperwork for the title. Which means no title fees or realtor fees for you.

5: closing date scheduled

We can close quickly or on your timeline.

6: close on the home

We will meet and sign the closing document, on your schedule, at your convenience.

sell to us

"You guys seriously do magic! It's incredible how you can envision what a house will be like!"

refer a property

If there is a vacant property near you or owned by someone you know, that you think we should purchase, let us know and we’d be happy to check it out.

get started

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